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We offer a wide range of ladders, cable trays and various accessories: + Cable powder coated, galvanized + Powder coated cable tray, galvanized + Perforated cable tray as standard + Trunking

Consulting, design, production, sale, installation, maintenance: – Fire prevention and fighting systems and means (fire alarm, fire fighting …) – Lightning protection devices – The equipment in industrial automation control systems and measuring devices.

Based on the needs of our customers, we provide a complete and accurate system for factories and buildings. – Distribution and deployment of products, techniques and services on light electricity systems such as security systems, information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, the most competitive. – Building a dynamic, creative working environment and always learning valuable experiences

In order to serve a variety of purposes, to help customers achieve a variety of choices, we offer a variety of lamps as follows: + Light trough + Ceiling light + Ceiling light + String lights + Searchlight + Workshop lights + Street light + Decorative lights + Garden lights + Lights malfunction + Exit

In order to serve many different purposes, to help customers have a variety of options, we would like to classify them into many categories as follows: + High voltage cable + Medium voltage cable + Low voltage cable + Control cable + Conductors used for overhead transmission systems + Copper wire + Fireproof cable +