Dear customer ! DAT VIET ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD is one of the contractors with high reliability in terms of prestige and quality, in order to do that, Dat Viet Co., Ltd. is a collective love of the job coming from a worker. Over many years of experience in construction, our company is constantly striving to become one of the pioneering contractors in terms of quality, as well as the reputation that our company has. Our company created will bring satisfaction to you
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Consulting, design, production, sale, installation, maintenance: – Fire prevention and fighting systems and means (fire alarm, fire fighting …) – Lightning protection devices – The equipment in industrial automation control systems and measuring devices.

Based on the needs of our customers, we provide a complete and accurate system for factories and buildings. – Distribution and deployment of products, techniques and services on light electricity systems such as security systems, information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, the most competitive. – Building a dynamic, creative working environment and always learning valuable experiences

We offer a wide range of ladders, cable trays and various accessories: + Cable powder coated, galvanized + Powder coated cable tray, galvanized + Perforated cable tray as standard + Trunking

In order to serve a variety of purposes, to help customers achieve a variety of choices, we offer a variety of lamps as follows: + Light trough + Ceiling light + Ceiling light + String lights + Searchlight + Workshop lights + Street light + Decorative lights + Garden lights + Lights malfunction + Exit

In order to serve many different purposes, to help customers have a variety of options, we would like to classify them into many categories as follows: + High voltage cable + Medium voltage cable + Low voltage cable + Control cable + Conductors used for overhead transmission systems + Copper wire + Fireproof cable +


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