Why must regular maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners?

No regular maintenance of air conditioners not only reduces the life of the machine but also can reduce the cooling ability or adversely affect the health of the family.

Many users do not know that regular maintenance, cleaning or regular maintenance before or during the summer holidays plays an important role in increasing the performance and durability of the machine. These are the reasons you should clean and regularly maintain the air conditioner of the family.

Periodical maintenance can increase machine durability

Many families have a habit of maintaining air conditioning only when the equipment runs out of gas or fails. This is a wrong habit. In order to ensure the most efficient and durable operation of your family’s air conditioner, you should have regular maintenance and cleaning habits.

Like other electrical appliances, air conditioners are composed of complex details both on the rig and the rig. After a period of operation, the parts may wear out and features diminish depending on conditions and frequency of use. Therefore, periodic maintenance and maintenance is extremely necessary to be able to quickly adjust and replace equipment in time to maintain its features.

In Vietnam, before summer is always the best time to check and maintain the air conditioners in the family.

For one-way air conditioners, you can check the operation of the machine when not in use for a long period of winter. For regular two-way air conditioners, it’s time to periodically check and add gas to the machine.

The proactive maintenance and hygiene before the summer will also help your family to avoid falling into the situation of not being able to call a worker or being cut down because of the worker fire every summer.

The air conditioner must be serviced regularly to avoid damage and increase durability. Artwork

Increase cooling for air conditioning

Maintaining the best temperature stability of air conditioners depends heavily on the ventilation and cleanliness of both indoor and outdoor units. Therefore, to ensure that the air conditioner can provide enough cold air, it is necessary to ventilate the outdoor unit regularly and the indoor unit does not allow dirt to attach.

For new types of air conditioner will not encounter this situation. But the old air conditioners (which can be used for about 2 years) without being cleaned and carefully maintained will be very dirty. Plaque, dirt, cobwebs will create a sticky layer. If this situation occurs in the filter of the indoor unit, it will prevent the air conditioner from blowing cold air to the room. And in the outdoor unit easily leads to clogged, not ventilated for outdoor heat exchanger when the air conditioner operates.

In particular, the air filter is an essential component of every air conditioner that removes dust and debris from the air before blowing into your home. Most air filters need to be cleaned or replaced monthly, although some high-performance filters may last longer. Dirty air filters can reduce machine performance and lead to problems such as freezing.

If your air conditioner has a reusable filter, clean the filter under cold running water and allow to dry completely before reinstalling. If careful, replace the air filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements to ensure proper operation.

Membrane filters in the indoor unit can filter dirt, bacteria in the air. However, after a period of use, the filter is often attached to a lot of dirt, especially in conditions of dirt and pollution today.

Dusty filters can greatly weaken the air’s ability to filter the air and cause bad effects on the health of the family. Therefore, you should regularly clean the filter to help air conditioning can filter the dirt, bacteria in the air.

When should you clean and maintain the air conditioner?

Following the advice of experienced air conditioner repairers, families should have regular maintenance every 6 months.

If used more frequently (including heating / cooling function), the maintenance time must be shortened from 3-4 months / time. In addition, if the frequency of using air conditioners is more or in a dusty environment, you should regularly perform regular maintenance every 1-2 months for better operation.

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